about us

about us.

a tailored

At Company Prophets, we are aware that one service offering does not fit all. Our tailored services optimise business performance by helping you get on with the job of growing your business and improving its profitability.


let’s chat

We’ll listen as you talk. Tell us what your ideal outcomes are and we’ll design personalised plan of attack your business.


sit back

Your time is now. Leave the numbers to us, it’s time for you to concentrate on doing what you do best, building your business!



It’s time for Company Prophets to get moving. We will hit the ground running, getting your business’s plan into action, while keeping you in the loop!

meet our team.


Theresa Nguyen

Managing Director

Theresa has wide ranging experience in the not-for-profit, private and public sectors.


Having worked as both a business owner and a key member of Executive Teams across a range of industries, Theresa brings a broad range of management, reporting and corporate governance experience to her role.


Through her detailed knowledge of the many complex areas that make up the operational life of an organisation (Think: Grant Acquittals; Research & Development and EMDG Grant Applications; financial policies and procedures development), Theresa brings a unique insight and perspective to any team.


Jessie Yin

Business Manager (QLD)

Jessie is a long term member of the Company Prophets team, providing services to a number of clients across a range of industries, drawn from the not-for-profit and private sectors.


Her client base includes arts organisations, peak bodies and small business enterprises. She is knowledgeable, professional and open in all of her dealings with clients, team members and stakeholders and brings a broad range of management, reporting and leadership experience to the role.


Jessie’s attention to detail, desire to add value and dedicated approach make her an asset to any organisation.


Ann Patmore

Account Manager (NSW)

Ann is personable and friendly – a perfect fit for the Company Prophets team and for our diverse clientele.


Ann brings with her a real commitment to excellence, detailed analytical skills, and a zeal for acting in the best interests of her client’s – she is a positive force in any environment.


She is calm under fire and uses her sharp mind to address matters from a unique perspective.


When asked about the best aspects of her role, Ann referred to the ability to work across a diverse range of industries, helping business owners and managers to truly understand their “numbers” and to hone focus on the areas that matter.


Embe Dang

Account Manager

Embe is a team player, with a wonderful and caring approach to her work.


She has excellent interpersonal skills, communicating effectively with her colleagues and clients. Embe prides herself on continuing growth and development, and is focused on meeting individual client needs and expectations


Embe enjoys working closely with our clients to obtain a better understanding of their organisations from both a financial and operational point of view.


Her thoughtful manner and desire to provide excellent service makes Embe a valuable asset to any team.


Nicole Pedersen

Account Manager

Nicole has in excess of nineteen years’ experience as a senior Finance Manager, working with local and international companies and reporting to high level stakeholders.


Nicole is an experienced, dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic team member – working effectively with all departments and at all levels across an organisation. She is particularly skilled in translating financial information and imparting financial understanding to non-financial staff.


Nicole has a collegiate approach to her work and prides herself on her innovative problem solving skills. She is particularly skilled in tailoring financial and business reports to suit her audience, including the global market.

Yenno vu

Yenno Vu

Account Manager

Yenno is a keen learner and quick to pick up new skills. She is diligent in providing service excellence and focused on ensuring client satisfaction.


She has strong interpersonal skills and a diverse background, bringing a range of accounting and bookkeeping experience to the role.


In her spare time, Yenno loves to spend time in the garden, engage with those closest to her, learn new languages and practice arts and crafts. This creative spirit makes her an excellent problem solver, thinking outside of the box to arrive at the best solution.


Yenno enjoys a challenge, bringing attention to detail, organisational skills, and a keen eye to her work. She shares a passion for going above and beyond client expectations and is an excellent addition to the Company Prophets Team.