Why a Bookkeeper?

Why a Bookkeeper?

Why a bookkeeper? Surely an accountant can do the same thing? Actually both are great at what they do, here’s why it might be useful to have both.

Accountant vs Bookkeeper

Every business requires a bookkeeping system of some sort. Though there are many benefits to outsourcing your book keeping operations, the main two are freedom and saving money. Big statement you might add, but in the long term, the benefits you gain far outweigh financial costs.

A professional bookkeeper can further reduce your costs by performing tasks that you would ordinarily have to pay your accountant to complete at a significantly higher rate. You also won’t need to pay your accountant to reverse the mistakes that will inevitably occur without a professional bookkeeper.

Company Prophets is backed by a professional and experienced team that go beyond the norm of bookkeeping standards. Management reporting and analytics is the next step to analyse the data and nurture the growth of the business. By choosing Company Prophets you choose a reliable and well trusted team who can analyse the true financial state of your business, forecast and avoid cash-flow problems and find ways to increase income and decrease spending.